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Children and Youth Specific

Active Kids, Health Kids Strategy

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Inactivity among children and youth is becoming epidemic in Canada; and Nova Scotia is no exception. The Physical Activity, Sport and Recreation area of Nova Scotia Health Promotion and Protection partnered with government and non-government organizations to develop a physical activity strategy for Nova Scotia children, youth and families. The resulting Active Kids, Healthy Kids Strategy is a blueprint for increasing physical activity levels.

Visit Active Kids, Healthy Kids for more information and resources on this initiative.

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CLASS II – Children’s Lifestyle and School-performance Study

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CLASS is a province-wide research project that looks at the relationships between health, nutrition, physical activity, mental health and school performance of children in Nova Scotia. CLASS was first completed in 2003 with over 5000 Grade 5 students and their parents in 282 schools.

Growing Up Healthy Discussion Framework for a
childhood obesity prevention strategy (2011)

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It is often said that children’s health is a nation’s wealth. Yet despite medical advancements, today’s children are less likely to grow up healthy than the generation before them, affecting their quality of life, the sustainability of our health care system, and the health and vitality of our future workforce and economy.

The childhood obesity epidemic has gained much attention recently. It is the most visible reminder that our children are not getting what they need to be healthy. However, weight is only part of the picture. The “twin epidemics” of unhealthy eating and physical inactivity are affecting children regardless of body weight, and putting them at increased risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and some types of cancer throughout their lives

This discussion framework outlines the major areas in which we need to act – collectively and comprehensively – over the next 10 years to improve our children’s health. We welcome your comments, feedback and ideas.

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Our Kids Are Worth It:
Strategy for Children and Youth (2008)

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Nova Scotia Department of Community Services

Our Kids Are Worth It contains a mix of both immediate and longer-term priorities with a focus on crime prevention. The immediate and longer-term priorities, within the context of our vision, goals, expected outcomes, and five key directions are to:

  • Build a strong foundation
  • Identify problems, help early
  • Co-ordinate programs, services
  • Improve access, close gaps
  • Engage youth, promote shared accountability

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Thrive: A Plan For a Healthier Nova Scotia

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Thrive is about a healthier Nova Scotia…for kids, for families, for all of us.

It’s a movement that’s bringing Nova Scotians together to reshape our future.

Thrive inspires, informs and supports everyone making the smart choices today, so our kids have a healthier, happier tomorrow.