When it comes to finding the best whistleblower attorney for you, the internet may be a valuable resource. However, be aware that many websites exaggerate how successful legal firms have been in representing whistleblowers. Websites that have been created by lawyers, however, are referral companies. Also, target whistleblowers.

Finding a Whistleblower Attorney

How do you choose an attorney for whistleblowers? If you’ve found misconduct and have decided to protect yourself by reporting it, this is one of the most important questions to consider asking yourself. Whistleblowers are courageous people who put their lives and careers to expose fraud, corruption, and greed are referred to as whistleblowers. They can be a challenge and lengthy.

When you select a whistleblower lawyer, be aware of this, whether for the qui tam court or a whistleblower lawsuit against the SEC, CFTC, or IRS.

Success with Whistleblower Cases

You should double-check the lawyer’s credentials and be adept in handling the type of whistleblower lawsuit you have, such as SEC whistleblower cases or “qui tam lawsuits.” The websites of some legal firms claim to have won large cases, yet they fail to indicate that the cases were not whistleblower cases. Ask for concrete examples of the firm’s successes.

The Lawyer’s Area Expertise

Some lawyers and legal companies have websites that appear as if they represent whistleblowers. However, their expertise is elsewhere. Furthermore, whistleblower regulations like the False Claims Act and Dodd-Frank are complex, and a misunderstanding of their terms might be unfavorable to your case. Find out more about internal investigation here.

Lists of Whistleblower Case

Is there any proof that whistleblower complaints listed on a law firm’s site actually brought to court and prosecuted? Some companies offer samples of whistleblower cases as though they were their own, but they’re not.

Are you referring to a law firm or a referral service?

Referral firms have websites that make them appear to be legal companies. These firms collect cases and offer them to law firms who will be paid a fee. It is important to make sure that you choose a lawyer who will actually handle your qui-tam lawsuit. First, check the names of lawyers or the legal company on the website. If no individual attorneys are mentioned, it’s most likely a referral service rather than a legal business. Another warning sign is the absence of a physical address. If the website does not have an address or mailbox number, it’s most likely a referral agency.


Whistleblowers are represented by lawyers from across the country. If an attorney is interested in representing you, they recommend that they cover your travel expenses to meet with you.

Experience Working with U.S. DOJ, SEC, CFTC, and the IRS

If the government takes part in the court, winning action for whistleblowers in qui tam rises dramatically. Moreover, the participation of the government in whistleblower claims submitted to the CFTC, IRS, and SEC is entirely under the authority of the appropriate agency. Learn more about the legal company’s prior efforts to get the government to investigate and join other whistleblower lawsuits, as well as the outcomes. Learn more about SEC enforcement practice here.

Whistleblower lawyer at Finch McCranie LLP offers the benefits of the entire whistleblower team’s years of experience and judgment. It also includes a decade of service as DOJ’s chief executive. In addition, the SEC has a long-standing track record of successfully representing whistleblowers and other clients in a variety of issues. It has built relations with judges as well as government officials.


The cases of whistleblowers can be expensive and lengthy. When the attention of many lawyers is required simultaneously, Legal firms should have additional lawyers available to help. Legal firms should also pay out-of-pocket costs for things like employing experts to help whistleblowers’ accusations and, in some instances, legal expenses.