The introduction of the Internet has revolutionized the lives of people. Instead of visiting offline venues, people prefer web-based platforms to carry out their chores. To tap the presence of billions of customers, businesses book their online space through their websites. However, there’s cut throat competition to win customers online. To surpass competitors, it’d be handy to employ unique strategies and pay attention to important SEO (search engine optimization) tactics. Here, keyword research and keyword mapping services offered by a white label SEO company look promising.

What are keywords?

Keywords are search terms users type in search engines for seeking information on a particular subject. The subject could be content, products, or services. To ensure your site gets found in search results, you’ve to embed suitable keywords within your web content.

For example, if you sell flowers in Houston, you may use keywords such as best flowers Houston or affordable flowers Houston. After brainstorming probable keywords, you may put them within your content in a natural way. Whenever users will type those words in search engines, your site may likely show up on top of search results.

However, things aren’t as simple as they appear. Your site may likely never come up for those keywords. Why? Perhaps, no one uses those keywords when looking for flowers online. If that’s the case, your site may lose customers. To avoid such a scene, you need to undertake research on keywords.

What is keyword research?

It’s the act of finding the most appropriate keywords for your website. Let’s go back to the previous example where you sell flowers in Houston. Here, your site may not show up in search results for many reasons. The most prominent reason might be the usage of the wrong keywords.

Keyword research lets you resolve this problem. It involves discovering the trending words people use to find particular things. In the above case, it’s flowers and the residents belong to Houston.

To begin with, check trending keywords Houston residents type in search engines. A quick look at Google trends on keywords will let you know possible words. Perhaps, the popular words for buying flowers are budget flowers Houston, cheap flowers in Houston, and reliable flower shops near me.

Your little bit of labor saved you from losing customers. Now include a few of these high ranking keywords within your content. Be sure you add those keywords to your title, web content, Meta tags, and image tags.

Also, use similar keywords for social media promotion, Google maps listings, and back-linking. Over time, your site will show up on top of search results. Once your site bags the top slot, it’ll likely get visits from targets. When targets surf your website, you may lead them to purchase through useful products and competitive pricing.

Keyword mapping

If you have a simple website of four to five pages, these keywords should suffice your needs. What if you face too much competition from your contenders in Houston? In such a scenario, you need to add a blog to your site or include several pages with fresh content.

It’s here keyword mapping comes into play. Including two or three search terms in all pages isn’t advised. You should add different search terms to different pages.

Keyword mapping lets you do that. It’s the process of assigning appropriate keywords to the different web pages through keyword research. Mapping tends to be an important aspect of on-site optimization. It allows search engines to see the relevancy of the page based on a particular search.

If you skip keyword research and mapping, you could be shooting in the dark with no results. You may have the most engaging content, but it’ll bring in no results unless it shows up in search results.

Research and mapping let you resolve this point. Research helps you identify high traffic and trending search terms. On the flip side, mapping lets you tap the potency of maximum trending keywords by incorporating them on different pages. With keyword mapping, you can easily gain consistent traffic through one or other pages.

Bottom line

The online world has become highly competitive. You need to think out of the box and employ innovative tactics to stay abreast of others. Keyword research and keyword mapping let you accomplish these goals. However, research and mapping are continuous processes. You should update your existing and ongoing content pages with newer keywords through these processes. If that sounds too much, outsource the job to a reliable white label SEO company and reap the results.

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