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Mission, Vision and Values

Graphic - HPC ValuesMission

The Health Promotion Clearinghouse is a valued resource system supporting Nova Scotia’s health promoters to foster healthy people and healthy communities.


By the year 2020 in Nova Scotia, we will see:

  • A critical and indispensable health promotion resource system
  • Empowered health promoters and reduced health inequities
  • Healthy people and healthy communities


The work of the Health Promotion Clearinghouse is rooted in the principles of health promotion and population health as outlined in the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion.  All of our decisions are guided by the following values:

  • Connectivity providing health promoters with the opportunity to connect with and learn from others; fostering collaboration and partnerships that promote health and disease prevention.
  • Integrity demonstrating personal and professional honesty, trustworthiness and respect in our dealings with each other and our stakeholders.
  • Excellence providing efficient and effective access to credible, reliable, evidence-informed information, knowledge and shared expertise; demonstrating our value as an accessible, easy-to-use, first "go to" resource system for supporting health promoters in their work.
  • Diversity being an inclusive forum reflecting a diversity of people, cultures and ideas.
  • Accountability making effective and efficient use of our resources; demonstrating a commitment to ongoing evaluation, improvement, and transparency.
  • Innovation being open to new ways of providing support to our stakeholders so that our mutual and passionate goal of healthy people and healthy communities can be realized; avoiding duplication with other health promotion work.