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Nova Scotia Standards

What is the Nova Scotia "Best Practices Approach" to Health Promotion?

Best Practices is an evolving field that focuses on improving the way we do our work. There are different views about what best practices means in health promotion. Our Best Practices Approach is based on a review of best practices documents and consultation with those working in health promotion. From this, we are developing an approach that we think will contribute to the development of effective programs and policies for promoting health in Nova Scotia. This framework defines best practice as a continual process of reflecting on how to improve and enhance our practice. It involves a systematic examination of health promotion work and uses a process of critical reflection to draw out our collective knowledge of what we know works well.

Our Best Practices Approach has four essential elements:

  • It utilizes critical reflection for examining our approach to health promotion.
  • It acknowledges the importance of a research-based approach.
  • It supports adoption of a comprehensive and systematic approach to health promotion work.
  • It acknowledges the uniqueness of each situation.

The key question in our approach to best practices is:

"How do we continue to improve our practice?" The Best Practices Framework can be used as a guide to enhance health promotion initiatives in Nova Scotia. 1The work of Kahan and Goodstadt in developing the Interactive Domain Model Framework (IDM) has been an insightful resource in developing this Nova Scotia Best Practices Framework. For more information on the IDM model, please check out the IDM Best Practices website at: The Best Practices in Health Promotion website at: Evaluation and Best Practices Unit website at:

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