2020 brought chaos to many and almost all industries, including movie theaters, restaurants, bars, real estate, dental clinics, and concert venues. The authorities were forced to adjust and change health guidelines and regulations throughout the year, resulting in people staying at home. Because of this, many have found new ways to live and work, including working remotely. But the good news is that we’ve come a long way, especially now with the vaccines.

The year 2020 was dominated by the COVID crisis, affecting the trends we expected to see in all industries. But companies should not let coronavirus guidelines or other considerations impact the elements that play a significant role in creating a stimulating and productive environment for employees and customers.

Though the pre-COVID life isn’t completely back yet, here are a few commercial interior design ideas you can implement in your office, which could also be your forever interior design even after the pandemic.

Top Commercial Interior Design Ideas 

Video Conferencing Space and Resource

Since more employees can work from home due to the ongoing restrictions, video conferencing technology is vital for collaboration and communication. The working environment must adapt to this change to allow the necessary equipment like screens, cameras, computers, etc.

Custom Wall Murals

Whatever industry you belong to, creating a personalized wall mural can transform a space from drab and lifeless to lively and inspiring in an instant. It also offers branding and story-telling opportunities. If you wish to entice your workforce and keep them motivated, especially in these times of pandemic, personalized murals on walls can boost their performance by uplifting their mood.

Custom Furniture

A well-designed workspace isn’t only about decorations, lighting, and colors, but it goes beyond putting up furniture. The values and brand of your business are reflected in your workplace. It is a tool for communication that communicates your brand and personality to customers as well as your employees. Your workers spend a significant amount of their time at the office, and they need an environment that promotes satisfaction, loyalty, and morale.

Aside from matching your furniture to your budget, ensure that they suit your interior design’s theme, staff’s needs, and your company’s brand. It doesn’t matter if you buy second-hand furniture or restore ones that you have previously used. Reputable and skilled designers can turn old furniture into valuable pieces. For instance, they could place a custom bench seat that matches your business in the waiting area. 

Leisure Space for Customers and Employees

Your office should be more than just a working place for your employees. Make it a place to relax and enjoy their work, and make them feel at home. At the same time, make an area that people enjoy being in. While big companies have kitchens, wellness rooms, and telephone rooms in their workplace, you don’t need to provide these if your office is small or you’re on a budget constraint. The most important thing is that there is a separate space from the main workspace that visitors and clients enter. It is where they can chat with their colleagues, rest comfortably or perhaps play on their phones during breaks.

Your clients or customers are the core of your business. That’s why you must provide a relaxing environment pleasing to the customers and make them desire to return. For example, you can install a play area for children if you are a pediatric clinic. This will help reduce your patients’ anxiety and fear. If this is something that interests you, IDS Kids is one of the companies in Alberta that specialize in these types of services. See here a portfolio of their creative and unique designs. Another example is to create a small space for themed photo opportunities. They can design a small area in your office with a unique background where your patients and their families can take unforgettable pictures.


Being a small business should not stop you from hiring a professional interior designer to reach your goals. Just be transparent about your budget so they can find ways to complete the project without compromising what you need and want.