Since the beginning of time, cancer has been a complex disease. It’s been a constant battle for us. It was even documented in ancient Egyptian writings. Even today, people still suffer from this terrible disease. We’re all familiar with it and may know someone who has been diagnosed. There are so many different types of cancer. This is what makes it worse. These variants can affect a specific part of the body or be more widespread. Each variant causes damage to a specific organ or part within the body. 

The Organs Targeted by Cancer

Multiple cancers have been identified through scientific research.This disease is the uncontrolled spread and growth of cells. These cells can arise from the organs of the body. These cancers can be identified. The effects of cancer cells on an organ can vary depending on the severity. For these types of cancer, specific management and treatment may be necessary.

Bowel Cancer

This particular type may also be known as rectal or colon cancer. This disease is caused by cancer cells that originate from the large colon. There is a lot of research on bowel cancer to validate these symptoms. You might experience abdominal pains and persistent bowel movements. A diagnosis of this cancer could mean that you may have experienced bloody stool, frequent bowel movements, and frequent abdominal pains.

Brain Cancer

This can be a complex form of cancer. Brain cancer is very rare. There are a lot of brain caner articles and publications that study it in depth due to its complexity. It usually happens when the patient has had a previous cancer diagnosis or is currently battling another kind of cancer. Metastasis usually occurs when cancer starts. Metastasis, a medical term that describes when cancer cells affect or reach other parts of the human body. Statistics and research show that metastatic cancer of the brain has low survival rates because it is secondary development to the original form of cancer. These symptoms could include a new and increased frequency of headaches and nausea, vomiting and difficulty maintaining balance. These symptoms will become more severe as time passes.

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is the most widespread type. It is a common form of cancer that has been very prevalent in recent years. Secondhand smoke, smoking, and asbestos are the primary causes. From the ’50s to the early ’90s, regular smokers of tobacco products were in high numbers. Those who smoke tobacco in those years exposed their friends and family to secondhand smoke. They considered smoking a pastime and used it to relax and relieve stress. Unfortunately, this led to an increase in lung cancer. People with a history of this type of cancer in the family are highly susceptible to get it. One of the leading causes of this disease is asbestos. This material has been used extensively used in buildings and homes over time. Many people have the disease from being exposed to asbestos even though they are not smokers.

Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer is one type of cancer that can be caused by the same factors as lung cancer. Tobacco use is the main factor that causes bladder cancer. Tobacco use can introduce carcinogens into the bloodstream. The kidneys would attempt to filter these substances out through urination. This, in turn, deposits the carcinogenic chemicals in our bladder. This type of cancer can lead to unpleasant sensations when urinating. You may experience unpleasant sensations like bloody or cloudy urine, difficulty urinating, and burning sensations. To learn more about organoid research click here.



There are many types and variants of cancer. They may spread and metastasize other types of cancer. These symptoms can vary widely and may cause discomfort. There are many kinds of cancers. These cancers require management and treatment that is specific. Another thing to acknowledge is that we are still fighting this illness. We must make sure we avoid this disease infecting ourselves by changing our lifestyle and curbing bad habits.