It’s my mission to inspire all my readers to see just how essential it is to stay active and vital in order to have the ability to enjoy your senior years. Beginning an exercise program is the best gift you can give yourself. The main thing is that as soon as you begin your program, you have to stay motivated to keep this up.

As soon as you get in the swing of it, you won’t miss a day. If you do, and you feel guilty about it then you achieve the appropriate motivation. Remember too, the sooner you begin exercising, the earlier you reap the rewards. Now that we understand how important exercise is, we must go over nutrition.

Now that we understand how important exercise is, we must go over nutrition. In previous articles, I promised to be on the watch for anything that I thought could help keep us healthy and free of pain wherever possible. I’ve tried many nutritional products, some were right, some didn’t make the grade, but I did find a superb firm with supplements that are outstanding, and you have to also be looking to find just such businesses. These are proven formulas for a vast array of deficiencies.

The average person can gain from these formulas, because, either because of diet or the inability of the body to absorb certain nutrients, they’ll be deficient in them, causing certain diseases or conditions. Remarkable advances in medical science, technology and the area of nutrition are allowing us to live longer. A male who reaches age 65 can expect to live another 15 years and a female another 19 years.

The motivation to add exercise and good nutrition to our everyday regimen, will not just help us achieve this aim, but can achieve better results from living longer and remaining vital and vigorous. Bear in mind, whatever our age, our bodies need to have the correct nutrients. This means less meat, butter, cheese, and eggs, sugars, and beverages that contain sugar. And of course, this implies… NO SMOKING. An occasional drink is fine, even one for girls and 2 for men is fine, but no longer. This means eating more fish, chicken, fruits, vegetables, rice, and cereals.

Eating fewer calories can help keep the pounds off that typically increase as we grow old. Putting on the excess pounds increases your chance of heart attack, diabetes, and other health issues. Read the labels on the foods you purchase and bear in mind not all-low cal foods are low in fat, rather than all-low fat meals are low in calories. They may be high in sugars, which will make them high in calories, and it’s the calories that will put on the weight. Cutting down your parts will reduce the amount of calories. Based on your build and degree of activity, the calorie needs may vary. Of course, if you aren’t busy, you won’t need as many calories.

The calories over your requirement needs will place on the additional weight. A general guideline for an inactive person is to multiply your weight by 10. (For instance: 160 pounds requires 1600 calories). If you’re more active, multiply your weight by 12 or 13, and for the very active, such athletes, runners, etc. multiply by 15. According to numerous studies, we know that certain vitamins, minerals, and herb supplements may prevent some diseases and conditions, and will promote health. One of the supplements, antioxidants are becoming more and more attention, as is potassium, calcium, folic acid, vitamin C, B complex, vitamin E and beta-carotene.

As a person ages, they produce less stomach acid than a younger person will. This reduction of stomach acid interferes with the body’s ability to absorb minerals and vitamins, such as B6, B12, folic acid, calcium, zinc, and iron. Deficiencies of one or more of these nutrients can lead to memory loss and depression. The inability to absorb calcium causes loss of bone density or osteoporosis that causes bones to become fragile and thin, making them break more easily with the smallest fall or injury. They can even break spontaneously, which occurs quite often. When this happens at the hip, the bone fractures and the individual falls, believing the hip was broken in the autumn, when actually it was not.

Recognizing the need for good nutrition and the need for supplementation to keep that appropriate diet, I have always searched for businesses which have produced formulas that will offer the quality of components and formulation composition required to keep the health all of us wish to attain. Before you buy any vitamins, minerals and herb formulations, make certain the organization is a nationally recognized firm rather than an obscure company with products that won’t pass the correct qualifications.

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